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Eagle Claw Panfish Dart Head Jig

Eagle Claw Panfish Dart Head Jig

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Eagle Claw Panfish Dart Head Jig, 1/16 oz., 10 Count. These Jig heads will become your favorite jigs to use, whether you are fishing for Pan Fish, Bass, or Walleye anglers can always count on Eagle Claw’s quality craftsmanship, and quality Fish Hooks.

Eagle Claw PFDH132 Pan Fish Darter Head. These jig heads are a great way to ensure your arsenal is full of quality jig heads. Built to last and featuring premium Eagle Claw hooks, the odds are in your favor when you're casting these high-performing jig heads. Premium fish-catching colors with quality paint jobs, these precisely weighted jig head simply outperform other jig heads. 

  • Darting Action 
  • Gold Hook
  • Unpainted
  • Great for Crappie, Pan Fish, and Bass
  • 3/16 oz. 
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