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Catfish Rig Floats | Ultra Chub

Catfish Rig Floats | Ultra Chub

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Catfish Float Rigs | Ultra Chub

Whisker Seeker Tackle Catfish Float Rigs are created to make noise and vibration while keeping you bait elevated off the bottom in “prime strike zones” while using live baits, cut baits or any other catfishing baits of your choice when catching catfish.

Each species of catfish can detect vibration and sound more than any other gamefish out there due to their lateral lines.  This trait along with their excellent sense of smell and taste in muddy waters make our catfish rigs an excellent choice when targeting Channel cats, Blue cats, and Flatheads.

Use our artificial rigs to attract catfish when trolling, drifting, or when stationary and current is present. Trolling & drifting speeds should be between .5 - 1.25 mph and adjusted depending on the water temperature & time of year. Leader length from your swivel to our rig will determine the height of the catfish rig in the water column.   

Rigging Instructions:

  • Simply use your standard Santee Cooper catfishing rig
  • Length of your leader line from swivel to our catfish rig will determine how far our rig will float off the bottom
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