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Tyzac™ Mono Cast Nets

Tyzac™ Mono Cast Nets

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Sportsman Series™ Tyzac™ Mono Cast Nets by Betts®. A Name You Can Trust! Far exceeds the entry level net of all net makers. This net will equal other's pro series in quality. Total weight better than 3/4 lb. per foot. Packed with complete "how to" instructions. Fully opens and designed to sink fast.


Radius: 3', 3.5', 4', or 5' 
Square Mesh: 3/8"
Material: Monofilament
Water Depth: Shallow
Section: Circular
Package: Utility Box
Color: Clear


  • Built to offer excellent functionality and quality
  • Guaranteed to deliver reliable, long-lasting service
  • Distinctive in quality and design


  • 4 X Cast Nets

Cast netting is one of the oldest methods of fishing, shrimping or catching bait. When selecting a net, you should determine its use:
1. What do I want to catch (size of mesh and net).
2. How deep is the water (weight of net).
3. The length of net (radius) is related to water depth, kind of bait/shrimp, and speed of bait.

Leading the pack in design and innovation, Betts® is a brand of avid fishing enthusiasts for those who live, love and breathe fishing. Dedicated to helping you make the most fun out of your day on the water, the Betts offers a diverse variety of cutting-edge fishing supplies and accessories tailored to meet your specific fishing needs and boost your fishing pleasure to the core. From fresh water lures and salt water lures floats and accessories to poppers, nets and Fly Series products, premium Betts products designed to withstand the toughest fighting fish will help you get that trophy catch without breaking a sweat. The brand showcases a wide range of absolutely totally new innovative fishing products to feed just about any kind of your fishing passion imaginable. This includes a high-end popping float with an indestructible wire to attract a strike, the one and only gripper with grab teeth to prevent slipping and an ergonomic trigger grip for unmatched control “when you gotta lift the big one”, as well as world-class cast nets that perform like no other nets and are designed and constructed to create a bond between and a fisher and their net. It’s no wonder that Betts is a choice of avid fishing rats and novice fishers alike.

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